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Growing a

healthy, delicious,

sustainable and fair local food system

across our region.


The Cardinia Food Movement is a collective of local community members, businesses, farmers, schools, families and organisations. We’re united by our passion, drive and commitment to rethread the integral relationships between our food, our health and the land in which we live.



Co-learning + Creating…

The initiatives we work on range from weekly pop up fresh food markets to a community school farm project, from film screenings and events to a network to support food and health programs across our schools.

This work responds to local needs, and together we learn, create, adapt and grow solutions to fit our local context.


As a Collective

We work within the framework of what’s called Collective Impact, which basically means we structure our collaboration and set a shared vision and work plan that all of us work to. From individual residents, to local government, businesses, schools and organisations.

We have a roadmap that we’ve formed, together. And a vision that requires all of us to get involved!


From the ground up

We believe in local solutions to local problems.

We know our greatest strength is the sum total of the lived experience and knowledge of those who live, grow, farm, teach, shop, cook, sell and eat food across the region.

That’s why our local food network is made up by farmers, teachers, backyard growers, parents and passionate home cooks.


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