Angelique Jauffret

As a long-term resident, I have witnessed Cardinia grow from a farming region to a place that is now flourishing with diversity. As an animator, I aim to connect with members of our community, listening to their concerns regarding the challenges our food system is currently experiencing. I want to give them a voice and an opportunity to help influence a Food Plan that was made for the community, by the community. I want them to be proud of knowing that their voice will help shape the future of our food system.

I have a degree in Public Health/Health Promotion and played a significant role in creating a fairer food system at one of Melbourne's universities. I am an aspiring homesteader. So, in my spare time, you can catch me tending to my animals, frolicking in the garden or experimenting in the kitchen. If you're ever down Main St, Pakenham. Come past the Health Food Shop where I work and say hello!