In 2018 this team of wonderful folk hosted Kitchen Table Talks all across the region and engaged the voices of over 500 people to directly shape and inform the Cardinia Community Food Strategy.


Tamsin Hadfield


Tam has been involved in an abundance of work and study aaround food insecurity in Cardinia. She has set up a food is free pantry, catalysed produce swaps and community garden activity, and is the passionate can do Market Manager of the Pakenham Community Grocer!

Heike Hohaus


Heike grew up in the country in North Germany with a huge veggie patch! She has two children and seeing food that was offered in schools drove her to study nutrition which she now teaches at Endeavour College of Natural Health. She works as a nutritionist at her private practice in Pakenham and loves sharing her love of real food that is nourishing, simple and delicious!

Angelique Jauffret


Angelique has a degree in Public Health/Health Promotion and played a significant role in creating a fairer food system at one of Melbourne's universities. She is an aspiring homesteader and in her spare time, you can catch her tending to her animals, frolicking in the garden or experimenting in the kitchen.

Phil Byers


Phil has a background in marketing and design and manages series of community focussed initiatives in the region including the PAVE festival in Emerald. He is passionate about working with people to create local projects that support youth, families and older generations and strengthen social connections.


Mez Thearle


Mez loves food and has seen first hand the impact that it can have in the healing and prevention of disease. As a mother of two young children she is passionate about them knowing about real food, where it comes from and how to cook and grow.


Peter James


Peter has lived in the Shire for 34 years and is passionate about growing fruit, vegetables and olives (for oil). As a small scale producer, he previously had a stall at the Pakenham farmer’s market and served on the founding committee. He is also involved with the 4C’s crisis relief centre in Pakenham.

Shoheli Sunjia


Shoheli has been actively involved with leading or supporting a number of community initiatives.

Coming from a Bangladeshi background, she has personally witnessed what lack of food and nutrition can do to people and the impacts on overall community wellbeing. She is passionate about supporting healthy food habits across our communities and facilitating the sharing of knowledge and skills across cultures.

Jane and Sonya


What Jane and Sonya love most about food is its versatility to break down barriers, draw people together which fosters a greater sense of community. In their joint words: ‘So much of life revolves around food; how we source it, cook it, share it, and eat it’.


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