Cardinia Food Movement Library


Project Resources

Background research, project reports and documents


Background Mapping Report 2017


Food Profile Workshops Report 2017

Cardinia Food Forum 2017 Report


Kitchen Table Talks Discussion Guide

Handbook: Kitchen Table Talk Facilitators

Kitchen Table Talks: Consultation Summary


Cardinia Food Circles 2 Year Report


Cardinia Food Hub Business Case Final Draft 2018


Cardinia Shire Food Literacy & Food Security Survey Report 2018


Food for thought

An evolving collection of work that inspires, informs and guides our work


The importance of Melbourne’s food bowl & peri-urban agriculture

The groundbreaking work of Foodprint Melbourne has been, and continues to be a vital resource for the CFM.

“You can’t eat our food if you can’t swallow our history.”

Bruce Pascoe revising accepted histories and our understanding of food, farming and land in Australia.

Independent research that values experiential, indigenous & non academic knowledge

The work of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES) continues to inform, inspire and provoke our thinking about food systems, the urgent challenges our planet is facing and the voices given or denied a place around the table

To what extent and under what conditions does the collective impact approach contribute to systems and population changes?”

A multi-site study of collective impact initiatives that has greatly informed our approach and evaluation framework.

How can we talk & listen across idealogical divides?

Discussions on food, farming, health and the future are personal, emotional and political and we frequently draw on this guide to help us hold, participate in and facilitate open conversations.

‘What if we choose a different story to tell?’

The notion of food citizenship informed our approach to the Kitchen Table Talks and continues to guide our thinking and work.


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