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A brief snapshot of some of the key initiatives that have been led, supported or enabled by different parts of our community as part of our journey so far.


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Pakenham Community School Farm

This exciting project has evolved out of a partnership between passionate educators at Pakenham Secondary College and local farmers Vicki and Rohan Jones of CSM Organics.

The project is developing a Community School Farm model across the school campus and a portion of the Jones’ farm to provide structured vocational learning and employment pathways for students in food, farming & horticulture.

Growing The Future: Pakenham Community School Farm and Food Project


Pakenham Community Grocer

Operating since March 2018, this pop up weekly fresh food market has been spearheaded by powerhouse social enterprise The Community Grocer (TCG), and supported and enabled by Living Learning Pakenham, Cardinia Shire Council, Sustain: The Australian Food Network and the Cardinia Food Movement.

TCG run affordable fresh food markets to support healthy connected communities. The Pakenham market is on average 60-70% cheaper than supermarkets and is frequented by 35 different nationalities. The market focuses on providing culturally appropriate food and operating in a setting and vibe that promotes social connection and conversation.

Pakenham Community Grocer


United Africa Farm

The Community Farm has been spearheaded by members of Pakenham’s pan-African community who have been trying to access land for over ten years. Their vision is to grow cultural foods, pass on traditions to younger generations, and develop an enterprise and community hub of learning, sharing and growing.

The group were connected with local farmer Vicki Jones through the Cardinia Food Movement, who was willing to make a portion of her farm available to the group to utilise. The first crops of the initiative were planted in early Autumn 2019 and fertilised by laughter, music, dancing and joyous conversations!


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