Most Australians have never set foot on a farm, or even talked to the people who grow and raise the food we eat. Recent research has found that 88% of residents across our region have never bought food directly from a farmer!

In December 2018 we held an event with a panel of young farmer, in the heart of our foodbowl.

And heard about the incredible work, vision and challenges of the new farming generation, and how we can all get involved.


Introducing our panel of #nextgen farmers….


Claire is a sixth generation farmer rethreading our food system.

This 25 year old farmer grew up on the family farm in Gippsland that she is now managing, and holds a degree in Animal Science. Claire has worked extensively throughout many facets of Australian Agriculture across Victoria, NSW and Queensland including the dairy, grain, beef and wool industries.

Claire believes in producing only the finest meat through her business Square Mile Meats, and that the finest meat comes from animals and land that are well cared for.

Sally Jones.png

Sallie is a Creative Director, farmer & dairy company co-founder.

Sallie’s life has taken her from an unconventional rural upbringing in a value adding dairy farming family in East Gippsland, to a PR Career in Melbourne and back down to the SE. Here she co-founded Warragul Farmers Market and the PR Marketing consultancy Honeypot Creative Solutions that birthed the BawBawFoodMovement.

In 2016 family tragedy saw Sallie turn her grief into a project that brings honour to her dad and respect back to the Gippsland dairy industry by co founding Gippsland Jersey, a dairy company that is all about a fair price for farmers, mental health and kindness.

Andy B.png

Andy is a regenerative powerhouse of plant know how.

Andy developed a passion for horticulture and farming at a young age while growing up on the land in West Gippsland. His skills and passion have seen him work both here and overseas as a skilled orchardist and grafter and now founder of a chemical free, regenerative nursery.

Sattva nursery grows a diverse range of high quality dwarf fruit trees, fruiting shrubs and berries. Their aim is to grow a range of fruit trees that are easy to manage, precocious, heavy bearing and will grow in a limited amount of space for micro farming. Andy is passionate about fresh, chemical free food, food security and making it available to everyone.

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Paul is an ecological grower of nutrient dense food.

Paul's passion for farming began in India, and on his return to his hometown of Sydney he started growing veg in his backyard, and soon after leased a paddock and started farming on a commercial scale.

Paul and his partner Clare moved to Koo Wee Rup in 2016, and founded the awesome and aptly named @thrivingfoodsfarm.

This passionate young family take their values of ethical, sustainable, local, nutritious and delicious food very seriously and love offering their produce to customers directly, sharing stories and recipes on a weekly basis.

Leni Mirams is a grower, feeder and connector.

She has a small scale market garden in Hill End, and grows a succession of vegetable seedlings for sale at her local market, engaging with customers and sharing her philosophy of sustainable living.

She is also the president of the wonderful Baw Baw Food Hub, a non-profit organisation based in Warragul, sourcing local organic produce and connecting farmers direct with consumers.

Given how much she fits into her week, we feel so privileged to have her join us on the panel to share her knowledge and infectious passion.