Heike Hohaus

Born 1964 in North Germany, grown up in the country with a huge veggie patch and home cooked meals. I love travel, nature especially beaches, playing Canasta and badminton, gardening and cooking.
My first career  of 15 years in hospitality sensitised me to the subject of food, nourishment and health. Travel took me to Australia where I have lived since. I have two children- Isabella 23 and Henri 22 and seeing what was offered in the way of food in schools drove me to study nutrition which I now teach at Endeavour College of Natural Health.

I work as a nutritionist at my private practice in Pakenham where I also live with my husband Ivan and our chickens. I enjoy growing a huge proportion of the food we eat.

I really loved working at “100 Monkeys” health food shop in Kooweerup when that was going.

Healthy cooking classes is part of my business Ambrosia Nutrition which I enjoy immensely: nothing is more rewarding than sharing my love for healthy food and cooking, demonstrating that real food is nourishing, simple and actually delicious.
I would love to meet you lovely Cardinia people at our kitchen table conversations to find out what YOU think needs to change for a healthier food future.