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There are many ways to be a part of the Cardinia Food Movement, so choose a way that works best for you! 

If you want to become a member of the Local Food Network and get involved in hands on fashion with our key initiatives then please get in touch with Tanya.

If you have an initiative, event or project you want to make happen, or already have something on the run then please get in touch with Max so we can work alongside you, to support, connect and promote what you are up to!

If you want to stay in the loop about upcoming events, activities and ways to get involved then sign up for our newsletter below. . For everything else- drop us a line!


Community Food Animator profiles


Jane & Sonya

We are thrilled to be involved with facilitating Kitchen Table Talks with the Cardinia Food Movement! So much of life revolves around food; how we source it, cook it, share it, and eat it. What we love most about food is its versatility to break down barriers, draw people together which fosters a greater sense of community. We hope that through these gatherings we will meet others with a love for food and people and join the effort to build stronger, healthier, well-connected communities!


Mez Thearle

I'm Mez and I'm excited to be a part of the Cardinia Food Movement, especially in the Kitchen Table Conversations. I love food and have seen first hand the impact that it can have in the healing and prevention of disease. I am passionate about the local community and looking forward to gathering people together to dream about our local food systems and how to make them better for us all. I am married to a wonderful guy and we have a beautiful daughter. We are passionate about her knowing about real food, where it comes from and how to cook it and so food is a big part of our lives. My background is in adult education and training and have lots of experience working with young people through church and community work that I've been involved with. I love to do anything creative and share with people over food and coffee. I hope to do the same with you!


Phil Byers

I have a background in marketing & design with experience in both the property industry and community sector. I’m particularly excited to be working as a Food Animator as I enjoy collaborative projects involving rich discussion. I  hope this project will generate lots of positive ideas and is open to a variety of different approaches to problem solving, particularly sustainability challenges.

Currently managing a series of community focussed initiatives in the region including the PAVE festival, I am passionate about involving people from organisations, businesses and educational institutions to help create greater local opportunities for meaningly knowledge transfer and employment growth. I am interested in ambitious projects that support youth, families and older generations more effectively and continue to strengthen social connections.


Tamsin Hadfield

Hi, I’m Tamsin! I’ve recently finished a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Social Science and, during my final year did an abundance of placement hours and placement work revolving around food insecurity in Cardinia. I had left Uni with an early exit qualification and during this time became involved in volunteer work in Cockatoo. This work includes: setting up a Food is Free pantry, involvement in the community garden, produce swap at the Seniors lunch and a bread run for the FIF pantry/Gembrook produce cart/Cockatoo Childcare.  In addition I’m the newly appointed manager for The Community Grocer - Cardinia! It’s all about food here!


Heike Hohaus

Born 1964 in North Germany, grown up in the country with a huge veggie patch and home cooked meals. I love travel, nature especially beaches, playing Canasta and badminton, gardening and cooking.
My first career  of 15 years in hospitality sensitised me to the subject of food, nourishment and health. Travel took me to Australia where I have lived since. I have two children- Isabella 23 and Henri 22 and seeing what was offered in the way of food in schools drove me to study nutrition which I now teach at Endeavour College of Natural Health.

I work as a nutritionist at my private practice in Pakenham where I also live with my husband Ivan and our chickens. I enjoy growing a huge proportion of the food we eat.

I really loved working at “100 Monkeys” health food shop in Kooweerup when that was going.

Healthy cooking classes is part of my business Ambrosia Nutrition which I enjoy immensely: nothing is more rewarding than sharing my love for healthy food and cooking, demonstrating that real food is nourishing, simple and actually delicious.
I would love to meet you lovely Cardinia people at our kitchen table conversations to find out what YOU think needs to change for a healthier food future.


Peter James

I have lived in the Shire for 34 years and am passionate about growing fruit, vegetables and olives (for oil). As a small scale producer, I previously had a stall at the Pakenham farmer’s market and served on the founding committee. I am involved with the 4C’s crisis relief centre in Pakenham and arrange their annual Antique Fair in July to raise funds. The connection between eating well (home grown and home cooked, where possible) and good health is one that interests me personally and from a community viewpoint


Angelique Jauffret

As a long-term resident, I have witnessed Cardinia grow from a farming region to a place that is now flourishing with diversity. As an animator, I aim to connect with members of our community, listening to their concerns regarding the challenges our food system is currently experiencing. I want to give them a voice and an opportunity to help influence a Food Plan that was made for the community, by the community. I want them to be proud of knowing that their voice will help shape the future of our food system.

I have a degree in Public Health/Health Promotion and played a significant role in creating a fairer food system at one of Melbourne's universities. I am an aspiring homesteader. So, in my spare time, you can catch me tending to my animals, frolicking in the garden or experimenting in the kitchen. If you're ever down Main St, Pakenham. Come past the Health Food Shop where I work and say hello!


Shoheli Sunjida

I have been actively involved with a number of community initiatives for past couple of years and the food movement is one of my favourites.

Coming from a Bangladeshi background, I have personally witnessed what lack of food and nutrition can do to people which adversely impacts overall community wellbeing as well as healthcare systems of a country. I also realise that although the issues in Australia are not as severe as under-developed countries, there is still alot of work to be done in food here. It is a grand combination of past experiences, a growing understanding of the Australian context and overall love for food which inspires me.

I see many great opportunities to work with community members to grow and source fresh produce locally, to create healthy food habits and also to share a vast variety of food processing and cooking techniques that a diverse community brings in.

Miriam Maxim

My name is Miriam, mother of 4 lovely kids.

I run a small food catering business in Pakenham, I also give volunteer regular computer classes at outlook community center and cooking classes as well.

I love and enjoy cooking. To me, food represents my culture. Its not only about eating a meal with family or friends, its a way of bringing people together to enjoy and have a good time. Its also a way to connect me with my kids when we prepare and cook food together. To teach them about healthy food and make sure they maintain healthy food habits.

I joined KTC to share with other people my knowledge and experience about healthy food and to get to know more about food habits here in Australia and work together to try and improve the food system here in Cardinia Shire.