We are harvesting ideas! 

Kitchen Table Conversations and our #IdeaHarvest Campaign, May 2018. 


Kitchen Table Talks

From February to May 2018 we are hosting a series of Kitchen Table Talks all across Cardinia Shire to bring people together to share ideas and shape the future you want to see, live and eat! 

Kitchen Table Talks are public events that you can attend, hosted by our community food animators. The ideas and issues raised at each conversation will help inform a community food plan.  Everyone is invited to these very special events to talk, listen, laugh and learn!

Pick a community space and turn it into a food hub - for growing and swapping fresh food but also to run a food coop to bulk order what cannot be grown. A cafe and gardening classes could help fund full time staff to run the facilities.
— One of the most popular ideas on our online discussion forum

A Kitchen Table Talk?

An informal gathering of 8 - 12 people, hosted by one of our Community Food Animators, where community members are invited to share their experience,  ideas, suggestions and recommendations for growing a stronger, healthier food future. 


Are you part of a group, organisation or club that would like to have your say on these issues?

We want to talk to you!

Sports clubs, mothers groups, play groups, farming networks, food co-ops, business associations, landcare groups...

Get in touch here and we can organise a visit at one of your meetings to record the ideas and talk through the challenges. 



#Idea Harvest

May 2018




#IdeaHarvest is a month long campaign to crowd source solutions from around your own kitchen table, with family, friends and the salt and pepper shakers - you can shape the future you want to see! 

We realise that not everyone can get along to a public Kitchen Table Talk and that many who want to share ideas and have a say need an easier way to engage in the conversation.

We have created an #ideaharvest postcard pack to guide you through the process - available to download in digital form through the button above or hard copies are being distributed right across the Shire. 



Once you've posted your 'harvested' ideas to facebook or instagram, you'll be in the running for some awesome prizes including a cooking lesson with Ambrosia Nutrition and dinner for 4 at a local restaurant. 

Click here for the details! 

And...the Community Food Plan? 

We are working to develop a 'whole of community' response to the challenges we are facing in relation to our food, farming and health, in partnership with local businesses, residents, community groups, schools, sports clubs, local government, farmers, health organisations, community groups AND families!

The Community Food Plan will be compiled out of all the ideas and input we harvest through the kitchen table talks and #ideaharvest dinners, and to be a road map that for the first time sets out where we are, where we want to get to, and what we need to do to get there. 

Has this kind of thing been done before? 

Yes!  We've been inspired by a range of other places and folk including: 

·       People’s Food Policy Project, Canada: 350 kitchen table talks involving 3500 Canadians led to the creation of the ground-breaking ‘Resetting the Table: People’s Food Policy for Canada’ in 2011

·       The People’s Food Plan, Australia, 2013: 600 people participated in 40 public forms

·       The People’s Food Plan, Australian Capital Territory, 2016 - Conservation Council, ACT

·       The People’s Food Policy, UK, 2017 - Over 150 organisations in workshops, forums and surveys, in a two-year process

  • NCD Free Feast of Ideas Campaign150 dinners in 43 countries serve up hundreds of food solutions over 30 days through the power of shared meals and social media

Download the Community Food Plan Discussion Paper

Includes conversation guidelines and background reading