#LoveLocalFood Month

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It’s become a tradition…

At the Cardinia Food Movement, HQ and our network members organise a local food celebration near the end of each year. We’ve come a long way since the first gathering at one of the local community centres. These events over the last few years have attracted many local residents, farmers, teachers, students, and other movers and shakers in our food and farm communities. 

This year we are doing something a little different!

November 2019 will be Cardinia’s #LoveLocalFood month. A celebration of all things edible grown in the rich fertile soils of Cardinia Shire. 

#LoveLocalFood month is about raising awareness about the growing local food culture that is happening across the region, and connecting local food with local people.

With activities like farm tours, gardening and preserving workshops, food festivals and farmers markets on the agenda, we hope to engage with the many different people from many different cultures to share the joys of eating locally. 

Be a #LoveLocalFood Champion!

  1. Organise a #LoveLocalFood event or activity!

  2. Submit your event via our Community Calendar. All events in November will be promoted via #LoveLocalFood on our social media and email marketing platforms. We want to hear about all events and activities!

  3. Know about an event in November which supports #LoveLocalFood? Get in touch with us, and we’ll contact the event/activity organiser to add to our Community Calendar and promotion schedule.

  4. Spread the word around our food community, and encourage your favourite producers and retailers to get involved with #LoveLocalFood month.

  5. Use #LoveLocalFood when you post on social media. We’ll be doing the same. Visiting a favourite place, attending an event or activity - share it with our community!

  6. Follow us on social media and share our #LoveLocalFood posts!

  7. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter for our weekly #LoveLocalFood bite size bulletins.

  8. Attend a #LoveLocalFood event or activity. Check out our Community Calendar and CFM Events for #LoveLocalFood events.

  9. Don’t forget to share a photo on your social media, tag Cardinia Food Movement and use #LoveLocalFood.


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