Pakenham Community School Farm and Food Project Update

Growing The Future: Pakenham Community School Farm and Food Project

Farm Site

Students from the Year 11 Environmental Science class with their teacher Allison Barrie came out to the farm on 17 September to form beds and sow seeds to produce 800 seedlings. A mix of tomatoes, peas, zucchini, pumpkin and Rosella (a red flower used to make cordial) were sowed, and these will be planted in the second or third week of Term 4.

School Garden

A major milestone was reached last month with the planting of over 50 fruit trees across the school grounds. Thanks to Pete the Permie and Telopea Nursery for helping us out for the tree stock!

What did we plant? Heritage varieties of apples, pears, plums, apricots, cherries and citrus. So much fruit for the next 10+ generations!

Considering the site was an old quarry, had we dug these 600mm x 600mm holes by hand, we would still digging! Getting an excavator in was a better idea, taking only 5 to 10 minutes per hole.

Students have been harvesting loads of leafy green vegetables such as silverbeet, kale and lettuce every month, and either cook it up in the food technology kitchens or share it with teachers. Who knows, the school canteen might even start selling some of the produce!!

In other news, the Pick My Project funding allowed the school to have in artist and painter Tara Kingston to work with the Hands On Learning students to co-design a mural for the front of the library.

In the Hands on Learning dome, the communal table has finally been finished by students with Max - this time with his Assistant Educator hat on. All of the furniture built by Max with the students have used only salvaged timber from hardwood pallets.

Funding Sources

Cardinia Food Movement acknowledges the Victorian State Government’s Pick My Project grant initiative for funding the Growing The Future: Pakenham Community School Farm and Food Project.

Thank you to Telopea Mtn Permaculture Farm and Nursery.