Cardinia Community Kitchen Launched

‘For the Love of Pumpkin’ - Cardinia Community Kitchen

‘For the Love of Pumpkin’ - Cardinia Community Kitchen

The Cardinia Community Kitchen series, funded by Ripe for Change, started at the Officer Recreation Reserve in the RG Porter Rooms on Monday 16 September. We were welcomed and hosted by the Officer Owls, a local branch of the Country Women’s Association of Victoria, to the first event, ‘For the Love of Pumpkin' and it was a great evening for all things pumpkin. The session had twenty plus attendees eager to learn more about saving time and money, plus our health and our environment, when cooking with a local and seasonal vegetable, the pumpkin.

Remember, the next workshop ‘Cooking with Spinach’ is on Monday 21 October, click here to book.

Mr Max Godber, Sustain Australia’s local community engagement coordinator, opened the evening and shared the how this series of cooking demonstration events is linked with our Community Food Strategy and our local farms, farmers and food connections. Thank you to Maurie and Maria Cafra from Cafresco Organics who generously provided the local pumpkins for the demonstration. Maurie shared his knowledge about pumpkins and the story behind his local farm in Koo Wee Rup, including post-harvest vegetable storage tips and how to best cut this tasty and versatile vegetable. Ms Heike Hohaus, our local nutritionist for the series, spoke about the nutritional benefits and value of pumpkin. Did you know that young pumpkin leaves could be eaten? Heike did!

The Officer Owls (CWAoV) hosts delivered an informative demonstration with eight (8) recipes featuring pumpkin, and a few extra recipes to complement or utilise pumpkin ‘spare parts’ in the other dishes. The audience were able to taste test the recipes afterwards, in a share buffet style meal, with the opportunity to meet and chat with other friendly attendees. Each of the ten (10) workshops aims to deliver five (5) meals for four (4) people for under $100, using healthy, seasonal and local produce. The shopping list for this pumpkin workshop and meals came in under $80!

We look forward to sharing recipes over the coming weeks and check out our gallery of photos from the ‘for the Love of Pumpkin’ session below. Click over to our Facebook page for more pumpkin inspiration from our community.

Great to see so many Cardinia Food Network members in the audience, and we encourage you to share links to all future events, to welcome as many community members as we can host.

Our next workshop ‘Cooking with Spinach’ is on Monday 21 October. Make sure you book now, to avoid the disappointment of missing the wonderful dishes, tips and hints, that spinach can be prepared, cooked and enjoyed. See you there.

Funding Sources

Cardinia Food Movement acknowledges Ripe for Change or funding the Cardinia Community Kitchen Initiative.