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Bellevue Orchard, where Summer Snow Juice is produced, stretches over 50 acres in the rolling green hills of Officer. The business is known foremost for it’s production of fresh pear and apple juice, though in recent times they have extended their production to include apple cider vinegar, as well as a number of other juice variations.

Summer Snow is a family run business which has been handed down over three generations. It is now run by Nick Russo, whose Great Grandfather originally opened the business in 1952.

Nick Russo

Nick Russo

Summer Snow works with cutting edge technology from across the globe and maintain a strong sustainability policy, investing in solar panels to run their machinery as well as connecting with others in the area to swap and trade things they don’t need.

We try and find a good home for everything and prevent waste
— Nick Russo

Nick’s sustainability ethos is clear: ‘ We try and find a good home for everything and prevent waste’. The Russos send the pulp leftover from juicing to am local cattle herd as stockfeed. They also lend the use of their machinery to other local business’ in a continued bid to work with the community and help make things financially viable for other producers.

Fun Fact: 
On the Australia Day weekend in January 1998 a huge hail storm hit the Russo’s orchard and devastated their apple crop, with hail stones blanketing the orchard like it was snow. Instead of loosing the crop, the Russos decided to juice it - and the brand Summer Snow was born! 

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a: 544 Brown Road, Officer
p: +61 3 5943 2390

You can drop in and get a bottle at the orchards in Officer or at any of the shops listed on their website, or shop online.


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