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O.MY restaurant started as a dream for the Bertoncello brothers to express themselves and their food. They wanted a small, simple place that was personal and low key, they have built the entire business, inside and out, on their own.

From the start, the brothers wanted to grow a percentage of the restaurant’s food themselves, so they began with leaves, flowers and garnishes in a couple of garden beds on site. These garden beds have now upsized to a market garden with 2-3 acres of growing space, where every single vegetable O.MY restaurant serves is grown.

We try to teach people about vegetables, about food. I grow carrots. I know the age of them when I pick them, and I make sure I tell people how many days they were in the ground… these are 128 day old carrots!

These things make people realise that it’s not just a carrot - it’s someones hard work. We’ve watered it every day, we’ve fed the soil certain things. You better appreciate it, you better eat it.

It’s a gift of knowledge, and people keep coming back.
— Blayne Bertoncello, Head Chef

The business now has a full-time gardener running the farm, and the restaurant’s 5 chefs rotate to work on the farm, doing tasks such as seed-saving, composting, pickling and preserving of vegetables for use in winter. The restaurant true lives seasonality, and operates on ethics of sustainability and minimal waste. These ethics are vastly different to the predominant tone of the food industry, and is a deliberate effort on behalf of the Bertoncello brothers to shift awareness. 

Fun Fact: 
O.MY never says no to anyone wanting to drop them in excess produce, and Blayne has set up a map of their ever growing network of backyard garden contributors.

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a: 23 Woods Street, Beaconsfield
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