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Melanie Jessop and Alison Edwards are the dynamic duo behind the Hills and Valley Coop, which provides fresh, local fruit and vegetables as well as dry –goods fortnightly to locals.

Melanie used to work in Berwick and while she was incredibly passionate about it, she found after a while that the driving became too much. Fortunately, not long after this she met Alison at their children’s school. With their combined passion and efforts, they created their own co-op.

They buy in bulk and source their produce from organic and ethically minded farmers around the shire. Most of the produce they provide is seasonal as well as certified organic and they put a lot of thought into the boxes content. By buying in bulk they are able to cut costs, allowing generous offering to the public. In fact, due to this generosity, they found the once weekly boxes were ample for two-weeks supply and hence they now distribute fortnightly.

The operation is not-for-profit and it exists solely to ensure that good, healthy, local food is available to the public, is easy to collect and are offered at an affordable price-point

If needed - image caption

If needed - image caption

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All images sourced from Hills and Valley Coop website and facebook

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