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Ellie produces angus-wagyu beef and free-range eggs, and is committed to providing her customers with high quality real and natural produce. She farms over 40 hectares and while it can be hard to manage and sustain a small and local operation her dedication to the cause remains strong.

Ellie stresses her disillusionment with modern farming as a result of its increasing industrialisation and focus on profit margins. This disillusionment has lead her to walk a different path of farming, one underpinned by transparency in how her animals are treated, shorter supply chains to increase affordability and reduce her environmental footprint and ethical farming practices.

Ellie has over 70 cattle, and a huge flock of chickens that are guarded by two maremma dogs and three alpacas. Her cattle are grass fed and while they are largely antibiotic free, as Ellie opts to provide them with minerals and the right nutrition to keep them strong and healthy. This approach to farming ensures that the meat Ellie produces comes from a happy and healthy herd and she emphasises that these things are often obvious in the meat we consume.

If the quality of life of cattle is high then so will the quality of the beef rendered
— Ellie Mitterer
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