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Julie Weatherhead and Anthony Hooper are educators, foodies and farmers. Julie’s family has been in the area for 150 years, and she and Anthony are the visionaries behind Peppermint Ridge Farm: an on farm bush foods nursery, cafe and education hub in Tynong North.

Anthony and Julie have worked and studied in the field for twenty years, leasing with the Australian Native Food Institute and many other industry, all with the aim of making it easy as possible for people to gain knowledge of native bush foods. The farm runs a range of events to get people excited about tasting native bush foods, including native cooking classes and organic food growing workshops to demonstrate that not only are native foods good for you and good for the environment, they are also delicious!

Julie Weatherhead

Julie Weatherhead

This work is also about deepening the understanding of, and conversations with, Indigenous culture, and Anthony and Julie host many indigenous teachers from all over Australia to teach specific workshops.

A strong environmental ethic underpins all their work, guided by the vision that more native gardens across the region creates significant benefits for both human and ecosystem health.

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