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William Rogers is known as the Bunyip Beekeeper, and is now in his seventh season of beekeeping. He has over 300 hives tucked all over Melbourne and the South East region.

Not only does William produce his own honey, soaps, beeswax wraps, candles and lip balms, he also offers courses in beekeeping, equipment to set up your own hives, bee health inspections and the chance to rent a hive in your area and get hands-on experience from the Bunyip Beekeeping team.

local honey contains trace pollens from the area… which can help with hay fever
— William Rogers

William advocates for more bees and for more people to be aware of what they like and need, including ensuring gardens are host to the bee-friendly plants.

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He doesn’t believe in harvesting all of the bee’s honey or harsh interventions like wing clipping (which happens in some parts of the USA). Williams manages his hives like a shepherd, ensuring there is always enough honey for them to eat and stay strong, and regularly checking for any signs of weakness or illness.

Fun Fact: 
William was a victim of serve hay fever until he discovered the medicinal properties of local honey and this discovery set him on the beekeeping path.

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