Cardinia Food Movement

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Like that old saying ‘ it takes a village to raise a child’, it's going to take every single one of us, from right across the shire and all walks of life, to work together and create a healthy vibrant, and flourishing food future for our community. 

So that’s what we’re going to do!

Cardinia Shire Council and Sustain: The Australia Food Network have come together to initiate a collective impact initiative, to facilitate, support and connect key people all across our community enable LOCAL SOLUTIONS to LOCAL PROBLEMS.

This Collective Impact approach starts with the recognition that no single school, parent, farmer, doctor, organisation, local government or business can meaningfully tackle the monumental challenges we are facing in our local food food system, and that collaboration is essential. Collective Impact provides us with a tried and tested framework to work alongside each other, and maximise our impact through a common vision:

To establish, promote and expand a healthy, delicious, sustainable and fair food system for all Shire residents. 


Instead of all our energy and efforts being focused on individual points, we align our work around this shared vision, and co-create a common agenda. 

This is one of the five conditions of success that have been found to lead to meaningful results in communities working in this way to tackle complex issues, which are listed below:

  1. A Common Agenda
  2.  An agreed upon, shared process for measuring and reporting success
  3.  Mutually reinforcing activities
  4. Continuous communication
  5. Backbone support (an independent organisation facilitating , connecting and communicating the collective efforts)

For further information on the Collective Impact Framework take a look at: 

The Tamarack Institute and the Collective Impact Forum  

This entire initiative in Cardinia is underpinned by an incredible network of local and regional partners - individuals, businesses, farmers, organisations, schools and the local government, committed to working together towards our common vision. 


As a collective, we're facing some big challenges in the local food system, and so we're setting big goals to meet them, goals with a 10 year time frame - recognising that this 'ain't no quick fix'!




Key Activities across each of these stages include: 

  • Background Mapping Research to build understanding of the principle influences in the local food environment
  • Food Profile Workshops x 3 across the Shire in Gembrook, Pakenham and Koo Wee Rup to further build understanding
  • Formation of the Cardinia Food Network and engaging with, and documenting the work of local food leaders
  • Working across the Cardinia Food Network to generate a locally relevant food knowledge/literacy definition and then conduct a Shire wide survey to establish a baseline of food literacy
  • Working with local partners and schools to facilitate a healthy schools network, and build food knowledge and skills through engaging, hands on events and opportunities
  • Engage wider local and regional audiences through events including: the Cardinia Food Movement Gathering (July 2017) and the Cardinia Food Forum (November 2017)
  • Generate a Community Food Plan for Cardinia through a Kitchen Table Conversation process involving ten local people trained up as food animators to facilitate and host the conversations
  • Identify, support and enable local solutions to local problems including facilitating the launch of The Cardinia Community Grocer, and supporting the formation of a Community Farm School model
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